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Indie Gyms connects certified fitness trainers to high-quality home gyms to provide private and well-equipped fitness spaces for training clients.

NO commitments, NO revenue sharing, and as much as 75% LESS than commercial gym rates.

Currently in a private beta. Interested? Get on the Waiting List!

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Reliable and affordable training space is hard to find. Commercial gyms are not only unaffordable and unfair to trainers, but are unsafe and unreliable during a pandemic. Building a quality home gym is expensive, and may not be conveniently located for clients. Virtual training limits your options, slows client progress, and isn't a long term solution. Running a successful fitness training business has never been harder.

Indie Gyms connects trainers to premiere gym spaces for a low, fixed monthly cost, without commitments or revenue sharing. Establish your training business and build a clientele anywhere without the costly headache of securing dedicated training space!

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Indie Gyms is an invite-only service designed to make independent training spaces accessible to trainers. We'll consider most active and insured certified trainers and coaches!

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Browse our listings of hand-selected and individually verified gyms and find the fitness space that's right for you. We'll connect you with the host, reserve your desired training blocks, and support you every step of the way!

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train your clients

The gym is yours! Run your training program the way you've always envisioned. No revenue sharing. You keep 100% of your training fees.

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build your business

Subscribe to one, two, or as many as gyms as you'd like. Build your brand by expanding your reach into neighboring cities. Dream of opening your own training facility? Build a clientele in your target market without high costs or overhead. Whatever your goals, each Indie Gyms host takes pride in providing the perfect environment for your training business and is committed to your success!

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We created Indie Gyms to disrupt the traditional gym industry because we felt generic, corporate fitness centers actually inhibit fitness. In fact, many of their business models are based on subscribers signing up...but never showing up. We think that’s messed up. Fitness is a basic human necessity, and access to quality fitness equipment and instruction has been controlled by big-box fitness centers for far too long.

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We built home gyms ourselves to escape overcrowded, restrictive, corporate gyms. However, when COVID-19 left trainers without work and put the entire gym industry at risk, we knew our home gyms could be the key to getting trainers back in business.

We're a brand new company with an unorthodox idea and big vision. We're audacious enough to believe we can make personal fitness more accessible and less commercial. Join us in this new experiment in fitness freedom!


Matt & Will
Founders, Indie Gyms

launching in the 757

Located in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area? Join the new community of personal trainers eager to take control of their business! Enter your name and email address to join the Waiting List. Currently in Private Beta!

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